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Picolo 0New


Linear actuators for active facades,
Linear actuators for industrial use,
Linear actuators for pergolas


Facade architecture, Industrial use, Pergolas
75 - 800
100 - 1,800
2 - 16

The Picolo 0 is a stylish, slim linear actuator which not only takes the technical and functional angle into account but also the optical and aesthetic aspects. It is particularly weather resistant due to it's anodised aluminium or stainless steel housing. Therefore it can be used for exterior applications such as facades, greenhouses, flexible roofing systems for patios and winter gardens. But also in maritime applications, in swimming pools or other applications with water contact the Picolo 0 operates perfectly.

Fixing elements: 

  • Articulated lug fixed
  • Clevis end
  • Articulated lug adjustable
  • Joint rod head
  • Threaded bolt


  • Internal power cut-off
  • Encoder
  • Synchronisation control with external power cut-off
  • RAL colour coating
  • Connecting cable with plug connectors


  • Pivot adjustable
  • Synchronisation control
  • Bearing brackets


  • Façade architecture
  • Adjustment of louvres and photovoltaic panels
  • Window adjustment
  • Maritime applications
  • Swimming pools
  • Greenhouses
  • Louvre windows “Cabrio roofs” (flexible roofing systems for patios and winter gardens, with large-format slats made of glass, aluminum or stainless steel)
  • Ventilation systems
  • Individual solutions

    elero offers linear actuator solutions for your individual requirements

    Tell us your special needs - and we will promptly offer the ideal solution, with the minimum of fuss and short delivery times. You will be surprised of how quick we are and how easily we do find solutions for your special requests.

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