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Accessories for linear actuators,
Linear actuators for pergolas


Facade architecture, Pergolas

An optimum solution is offered to users with a combination of the Picolo 0 drive and the radio control unit PatioControl.
This allows pergola slats to be controlled using a hand-held or wall-mounted transmitter, sensors or timer switches.
The control may be used with bidirectional elero radio transmitter/control devices.

  • Integrated radio receiver 868 MHz or 915 MHz
  • Motor control for 1 or 2 drives
  • Protection class IP 65
  • Adjustable speed and load breaking
  • With temperature sensor for frost and snow recognition
    The pergola slats can then be moved automatically into various protective positions
  • Optional light module
    - for 24 V LED lamps
    - with 4 light channels, 4 × 50 W (e.g. red, green, blue, white)

elero hand-held and wall-mounted radio transmitters

for maximum user comfort controlling Pergolas

TempoTel 2
10-channel hand-held
radio transmitter
VarioTel 2
5-channel hand-held
radio transmitter
AstroTec-868 bidi
Wall-mounted radio
transmitter with timer
and astro function


elero radio sensors

move the slats automatically according to the current light and weather conditions

Sensero-868 AC Plus
Radio sensor for light, wind and rain
Radio light and wind sensor with integrated solar cells
Radio wind sensor with integrated solar cells
Radio light sensor with integrated solar cells


  • Individual solutions

    elero offers linear actuator solutions for your individual requirements

    Tell us your special needs - and we will promptly offer the ideal solution, with the minimum of fuss and short delivery times. You will be surprised of how quick we are and how easily we do find solutions for your special requests.

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