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Successful presentation at the R+T 2015

R+T once again lived up to its reputation as a leading global trade fair. More than 60,000 visitors from 122 countries flocked to the trade fair to explore the new products of some 900 exhibitors. elero was there along with everyone else and can be pleased at the thoroughly positive response it received.

The drive toward a shared future

Numerous visitors streamed to the stand to experience the drive and control manufacturer’s current products live and to speak with the elero team. “We are particularly pleased at the great reception we received at R+T,” says elero CEO Jochen Lütkemeyer, summarising the trade fair. “This is where the entire industry meets. It is important to us to use this opportunity for exchange effectively, and we accomplished this across the board.”

Focus on the customer

For 50 years, the success of elero has been rooted in maintaining close ties with its customers. The company’s guiding principle is that only dialogue can generate ideas for innovations that the market really needs. This makes important industry gatherings like R+T the ideal platform for the company, which is based in Beuren (Swabia), to put its corporate philosophy into practice and gather fresh impetus for new products. That’s why elero went with a particularly welcoming atmosphere in its stand design, setting itself apart from many a competitor.

Open and inviting stand design

All sides of the exhibit space were kept open. In the centre of the stand, a large communication area was surrounded by a broad circular walkway presenting the products. The design reflected the new brand image of elero. Both the design of the stand and the specially created trade fair motif with the bicycle featured the orange “o” of the elero logo, referring to the rotating movement of drives. There was also a “real live” e-bike on offer as a prize in elero’s own trade fair giveaway. Directly next to this was the stand from Nice, which expressed independence and belonging in one design. elero is the Nice Group’s premium brand for roller shutters and sight screens, a status that allows the company to extend its presence globally while still remaining a contact partner for its local customers.

Selected "classics" and innovations

While the latest innovations at the elero stand sparked great interest, selected “classics” from the current product line also enjoyed great popularity among guests. Controls positioned at eye level allowed visitors to move the upper segments of shutters motorised with elero drives and experience their benefits for themselves. A cross-section of the drives was also placed at a good level for visibility.

JA Comfort and SunTop/Z

Among the new products were the JA Comfort series for Venetian blinds with electronic limit switch and the SunTop/Z drive made especially for zip screens. The latter drew attention to elero thanks to an original exhibit: As soon as visitors approached the screen motorised with the SunTop/Z, the bottom would encounter the obstacle of a wooden chair, showcasing the drive’s downward blind protection function. When obstacles are present, the drive stops short, starts a second attempt and draws the cloth upward again if the obstacle remains in the way. There it waits until it receives a new motion command.

MultiTec Touch-868 and Centero

The new MultiTecTouch-868 multifunction wireless wall transmitter also attracted a good deal of attention. It allows all building automation to be operated via a cutting-edge touch screen. The Centero control, which allows building automation to be operated by smartphone or tablet, was particularly in demand. elero positioned building automation controls in several places in order to demonstrate their benefits and possible combinations.


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